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Why New Home Specifications are Important

Homes are the sum of thousands of parts and pieces. Those parts and pieces, combined with the workmanship, results in the over quality of a home. Understanding your new home’s specifications can lead to greater satisfaction and peace of mind. When a home is built to solid specifications, it may remove the need to upgrade in many circumstances.

Specifications are akin to a building materials list, and it gives you insight into your builder’s priorities. Specifications allow you and your builder to be on the same page to avoid any potential misunderstandings. A home building specification sheet documents in writing what to expect in your home, as well as serves as a vehicle to compare and contrast with other builders.

The Specification Sheet document is divided into categories such as kitchen cabinetry, floor system, electrical and plumbing, foundation, site preparation, roofing and siding, windows, doors and trim. The categories include a number of line items that pertain to the category.

Brand names are usually not mentioned in the specification sheet; however, it is acceptable to inquire or request a specific brand. Every element of your specifications are important, but most of them you will not even see as they are hidden in the floor and the walls.

The specifications that you will see are the exterior and interior finishes such as cabinetry, appliances, windows, doors, door locks, plumbing fixtures, shingles and siding treatments, among others.

Virginia Building Solutions invites you to visit our specifications page and compare how we stack up to other builders.

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