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Pricing Options

We realize that your new home is probably the single biggest investment you will make.  Virginia Building Solutions is committed to helping our customers control costs while providing high-level customer service.  In that regard, we offer 3 different building methods to give our customers the choice that best fits their needs and budget.



Virginia Building Solutions, LLC is a Class A licensed builder.  This allows us to handle all aspects of the home building process from beginning to completion, all you need to do is "Turn the Key" to your new home.

The advantage of this method of building is that you just pick the building location, choose the floor plan, colors & finishes that you want in your new home and we give you ONE price for the entire project.  When we are finished we hand you the key and you move in.

This method does not usually provide for price itemization or allowances, however, in most cases VBS offers a modified Turn Key option that provides a fixed price for the home and the flexibility of using allowances for site improvements or features you wish to manage as the homeowner.  If you plan to utilize friends, family or your own skills to complete a major aspect of the home build you may want to consider the Owner Builder Completion Method or Cost Plus Method.

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Utilizing Cost Plus has saved many of our customers THOUSANDS of Dollars and provided them with a high percentage of equity the day they make their first mortgage payment.

Virginia Building Solutions offers the cost plus pricing program as a way for you to maintain control of your budget. You can also save thousands by paying the same price that we pay for all of the materials and labor required to complete your new home after we install it on your home site.

This program is beneficial in highly custom projects with many site determined or unknown cost associated with specialized or unique features and required amenities.

This method differs from the Owner Completion Program in that we will act as your general contractor for all of the items needed to complete your new home and obtain occupancy.  Please contact us today for more information on how to save Thousands on your new home.

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Save thousands!  Complete it yourself.
Call today and learn how to Qualify for this option! (804)-443-HOME

It's simple: We start it..
We construct the foundation walls, (optional) then install the home and complete the roof. At this point your home is up to 80% Complete!

You finish the rest...
You finish the carpentry trim and touch-up the interior, install the exterior siding, complete electrical & plumbing hook-ups,(90% or more is factory installed and trimmed out! install HVAC system, install any floor coverings not installed at the factory, build porches, decks and landscaping.

Our Program provides you with:

  • The industries finest systems built & modular building components

  • Engineering & design services

  • Financing Options & Referrals

  • Step by Step instructions

  • A qualified sub-contractor list to assist you with home completion (depending upon area)

We have hundreds of floor plans to choose from or we can customize a plan to suit your needs!

By taking advantage of our owner completion program customers have seen substantial savings by managing their own project.  Those who have utilized their own skills and the skills of their friends or family have seen even greater savings.

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