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Construction Process


Setting a budget meeting and securing financing.

How much should you budget to spend on your new home? This is one of the most important questions you will need to answer BEFORE you begin the home building process.  System Built homes are treated the same as all homes built on site when it comes to financing. To help you decide how much to spend on your new home, you could consult with your local bank/lender to learn about your financing options (Do your Homework)  and learn the difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved (and if you do not already have an established relationship with a lender, click here for a list of recommended mortgage specialist).  This is best done prior to deciding on your new home floor plan, so you know up-front the size and style of home and amenities will fit your budget.

VBS is a Custom Home Builder with multiple pricing methods to fit our clients specific needs.   ALL  cost estimates and proposals require an in person consultation and review by the Building Manager.  VBS does not offer a price list or call in phone estimates.  Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of requests for home estimates VBS has a first come, first serve policy.  VBS reserves price estimates for prospective customers who invest their time by visiting the model home/design center, meeting the VBS Team and experiencing first hand the quality to be expected in a new home from VBS.


Choosing your home and amenities

What style of home are you considering building?  Do you have an idea of the size of home, the number of bedrooms and baths that best fits your family’s needs? Are there any special features that are particularly important to you?  Start your search by browsing through the many floor plans and standard and optional amenities that are available on this website. Visit our model and design center and bring us your favorite plans no matter where you find them, our design specialist will help guide you through each floor plan or discuss the feasibility of your own custom plan.   From two-stories, ranches and Cape Cod style homes, our home selection is designed to meet the numerous needs of families needing an entry level to move-up homes as well as retirees desiring to scale back. We are custom builders and specialist in new home construction, meet with us to help narrow the choices, and select the home that makes sense for you.


Selecting your building site and site inspection

One of the best things about building a new home is that YOU get to choose the location.  If you already own land and it is "Builder Ready" or you plan to manage your own site development, just bring us all of the information you have such as survey plats, soil tests or septic and well permits.  If your property is undeveloped VBS is a Class A General Contractor who can help with all of the site development from surveys to Clearing, Excavating, driveway, basement foundations and even waterfront development.  Regardless of condition we will perform a site inspection of your building lot to determine if the chosen site is appropriate for the home you want to build and to ensure it meets all applicable requirements. A site inspection also allows appropriate planning for any contingencies.


Hire Virginia Building Solutions to order, build and install your new home. 

Now that you have chosen a home, received an estimate or proposal and your home site has been inspected, it is time to submit a good faith deposit for engineering of your home plans that will be needed to obtain your building permits, bank appraisal (if required) and to place your home order to build.  VBS will provide you with a purchase agreement (contract) for the home and the remaining construction.  This agreement is required to begin production on your new home. All services and functions being provided by VBS along with payment terms will be outlined in the agreement


Home building, installation and finish work for occupancy

While your new home is initially being built at one of Ritz-Craft’s regional production facilities, The VBS construction manager will determine a schedule for site excavation (if contracted) and the construction of your foundation.  Approximately 8 to 12 weeks after placing the order for your home, it is delivered to your building site.  Your home will be safely transported to your building site by a skilled professional and will be securely placed on the permanent foundation by the VBS installation crew and hired Crane. Depending on the complexity your home should be 70% to 90% complete at this point. VBS will then complete all outstanding facets of the process which may include completing mechanical systems, hook up of electrical, heating & plumbing systems, finishing marriage walls, shingling, flooring,  building porches and garage or any other site installed item you have hired us to do.


 The General Contractor or Construction Manager will do a final walk through with you and after the final close with your mortgage company (if required), you will be presented with a certificate of occupancy. This process normally takes  and average of 90 to 120 days from delivery and installation for your new home to be move-in ready! Congratulations, and welcome home!

Construction Process
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