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What does Custom mean in Homebuilding?

Custom is often a term that used by homebuilders, but what does it really mean?

The definition of the word custom is “made or done to order for a particular customer.” There are different ways customization in construction is done. It can be achieved either through a home’s design or by the materials you choose to put in it. To better understand the term, here is a brief description of building types and how customization is used in each.

Production-built – Production-built homes are built for the masses and are designed to be built efficiently and quickly with limited customization options. These houses are either pre-built on site or are pre-ordered before the home is built. Customers typically choose from a limited number of floor plans with no architectural deviation. They also may choose from either a standard features or upgrade to an elevated package that may include upgraded appliances, floor finishes, counter tops and trim and moulding.

Semi Custom-built – Semi custom-built projects afford buyers more options and are typically built individually in either developments or on scattered lots. Limited architectural design options may be allowed. Floor plans may be altered such as in adding room or making material upgrades or color changes.

Custom-built – Custom-built homes are usually built on a homesite that has already been purchased. Custom built means that you can choose from a collection of plans that can be altered or you can bring your own plans to the builder, who will help design, build and install your new home to your specifications. Custom-built homes give you the most versatility and freedom to have the home that best fits your lifestyle.

Virginia Building Solutions is a custom builder that uses building systems technology to build your new dream home. This means that your new home will either meet or exceed local, state and national building codes. Your home also will be built in a timely manner in a climate controlled environment, protected from adverse weather conditions.

To learn more, feel free to contact us at or 804-443-4663.

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