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Why Building Inside is Better?

Virginia Building Solutions chooses to build using modular, system-built technology for numerous reasons. One of the major reasons is that homes are constructed inside in a climate-controlled environment rather than outside in potentially harsh elements. There are other factors to consider when deciding how you will build your next home. Weather Weather is the physical enemy of the homebuilder. If you choose to build your home totally on-site, piece by piece, using outdated construction methods, there may be problems down the road. Untreated wood, coupled with rain or snow, is problematic to say the least. When untreated wood comes into contact with water, it naturally causes studs, joists and trusses to warp, resulting in a house with walls that are not straight and uneven floors. A larger issue is mold, which can cause health problems and additional costs in remediation. If mold is widespread, there could be major structural damage costing tens of thousands of dollars. By constructing the majority of your home in a climate-controlled environment with modular building systems, you can mitigate potential difficulties with your home. Waste Building on-site creates an estimated 8,000 pounds of waste for a 2,000 square foot home, according to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) study. This is in stark contrast when compared to a fraction of materials used by modular, system-built technology. Due to efficiencies in the construction process, waste is minimized, and materials are repurposed into blocking behind walls to provide extra strength. In addition, many building materials are sourced to arrive already pre-engineered and pre-cut. Time Time is one of the most tangible benefits to building with modular, system-built technology. While a home is being built indoors, work at the homesite can be completed at the same time, including land clearing, grading, excavation and installing footers and foundations. This time saving also saves you money because of interest savings on your construction loan. These are just three reasons why building your next home using modular, system-built technology is worth exploring. For more information, email John Garrett at or call 804-443-4663.

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