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What is a modular home?

This is actually a trick question. The fact is, there is no such thing as a modular home. The term modular is not a classification, but instead is a method of alternative building, just as conventional onsite building is a technique. Both have their advantages and are methods that can bring similar results. Modular building is a highly systematic approach of constructing a home along with other dwellings. As with any product, homes built by the modular method can vary according to degrees of quality according to specifications, materials, construction procedures and manufacturers. In most cases, the modular process consists of a manufacturer, a builder and a purchaser who owns land. The purchaser buys the home and enters into a contract with a builder. The builder acquires the partially completed home from the manufacturer. The home sections can be anywhere between 60% and 85% complete when they arrive at a job site. Unless otherwise specified, the builder is responsible for all the activities that happen onsite, including clearing the land, putting in the footers and foundation and finishing the home such as porches, decks and garages. All homes built by this method comply with all applicable national, state and local codes. The home is comprised of units or modules. After the home sections are completed in the production facility where they are thoroughly inspected for quality and approved by the state, they are then transported to the job site where they are lifted by a crane placed and affixed onto a permanent foundation. Depending on its complexity, a home it can be completed within 30 to 120 days. To learn more learn more about the modular construction process and Virginia Building Solutions, visit or call 855-870-4663.

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