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What is a conditioned crawlspace and why is it recommended?

The terrain in Virginia varies greatly, ranging from mountainous to coastal. In the eastern part of the state where basements are not possible, crawl spaces are the norm. In these areas, conditioned crawlspaces are recommended by Virginia Building Solutions. There are two types: vented and conditioned. Vented crawl spaces are commonplace, comply with local and state building codes and are vented to allow air to pass through. As a result, vented crawlspaces are ineffective at staying dry. Similar to basements, conditioned crawlspaces are protected and enclosed. A seamed and taped 10 mil vapor barrier is used to cover the ground to suppress moisture and insulated polystyrene foam panels are installed and affixed along the inside perimeter walls. Supply and return air registers are located at opposite ends of the crawlspace to maintain proper climatic conditions. Conditioned crawlspaces are recommended to primarily control humidity. Humidity causes moisture and where moisture exist, mold can propagate. This can actually affect indoor air quality in a home’s living space and may lead to further deterioration of your property. A sealed, conditioned crawlspace can reduce noise and lower utility bills, as well as prevent unwanted pests from taking up residence there. For more information about the benefits of conditioned crawlspaces and Virginia Building Solutions’ homes, email or call 855-870-4663.

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