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The Day your Home is Installed

Abracadabra! Instant real estate! Not quite magic but considering that in the morning there was an empty foundation and later that afternoon a weather-protected home, approximately 80 percent complete, - is pretty miraculous. These moments happen frequently at Virginia Building Solutions.

Often, the day of the set becomes a group event for neighbors, friends, family and curious onlookers. Those gathered often watch in awe as they witness a section of a home that may weigh as much as 30-60 tons lifted, seemingly floating in the air and then set gently on a foundation by an enormous crane. Other thrills are to see the roof are raised, the end panels installed and possibly gables and dormers lifted put into place.

Words do not do it justice. Seeing is definitely believing. Can’t make it to a home installation right now? Virginia Building Solutions has the next best thing. Just visit, and you can watch several videos that document settings.

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