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Selecting your building site and site inspection

Virginia Building Solutions (VBS) is a full-service, turnkey builder. Building a home with VBS is different than building a home with a production builder inside a confined subdivision where you are restricted in lot choices, home styles and upgrades. The best aspect about building a new home with VBS is that you are in control of the location, the style of home and what goes into your home.

If you already own land, just bring us the information you have, such as survey plats, soil tests and septic and well permits. Keep in mind that already developed lots and undeveloped lots differ greatly in preparation time and complexity. If your property is currently undeveloped, VBS is a class A general contractor that can facilitate site development. That includes helping you choose the best orientation for your home, surveys, soil and perk tests, land clearing, excavation, a driveway and building your foundation.

Before one nail is driven, VBS will do the research and due-diligence regarding easements, power and utility access and ensure that all necessary requirements are met. Proper site inspection helps in planning for all contingencies.

Want to learn more or schedule an appointment? Feel free to contact one of our in-house construction professionals by completing our form.

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