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How do Virginia Building Solutions’ Homes Withstand Extreme Weather?

Virginia Building Solutions specializes in constructing homes built via the modular method. These homes are built to be secured on permanent structures and are constructed using materials to withstand harsh weather.

Extreme weather conditions have become increasingly impacting to homeowners in nearly every part of the country. Now more than ever it is important to know that your home is built to standards that mitigate your risk.

Like site-built homes, homes built via the modular method have permanent foundations. Modular homes are indistinguishable from site-built ones. However, unlike site-built homes, modular home sections are affixed together and then secured to their permanent foundations. The advantage of modular homes is that multiple secure connections are made between the modular units and the foundation. This is the most vulnerable place in a home, where wind or water can do the most damage.

Site-built homes must meet state and local building codes, which also is true of modular homes. Modular homes are built and are third-party inspected to meet, if not exceed, all local and applicable building codes and standards. This includes any special codes or regulations that might apply to particular areas, including those prone to hurricanes and earthquakes.

Because modular modules are transported to a job site on specially designed transporters, they are built using more structural materials and framing. This results in a home with higher structural integrity than any comparable home built entirely on site.

All Virginia Building Solutions homes are built to withstand 91-110 MPH winds and also can be upgraded to exceed these wind speeds. Check out VBS’s building specifications by going to

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