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Built to Order

Virginia Building Solutions takes pride on being a custom modular builder. Building homes for our customers and their families is personal to us. Homebuilding is a essentially a service that results in a physical product. The homes we build represent the hopes and dreams of our clients. People want a home that will cater to their lifestyle and that is why we strive to provide maximum flexibility and customization.

What is Customization?

By definition, to customize is to alter to suit individual requirements or specifications. When building a home, customization can be done either through changing a home’s design or building specification or by choosing optional or alternative products to be installed.

There are numerous ways a home may change in design. Virginia Building Solutions offers hundreds of plans to choose from. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you just choose one and are done. Customization is actually encouraged. When a plan is chosen, it typically is altered in size and or in design. Many times customers will combine ideas from several plans to create a totally new floor plan. Oftentimes clients will come with their own plans. When that happens, it is reviewed by an internal design professional and suggestions are given in how the plan may be redesigned within the parameters of the modular method of building.

Another way a home may be customized is by choosing what goes into the home. All VBS homes come with generous standard specifications. Those specifications can also be upgraded. VBS has thousands of optional upgrades to choose from to meet every taste and budget.

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