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Another Reason Why New Home Specifications are Important

Building specifications are chock-full of details. As mentioned before, specifications are important to understand, because in the long run, good specifications can save you money on upgrades and quality components contribute to the overall strength and longevity of the home. Good specifications separate good builders from others.

Virginia Building Solutions’ building specifications were conceived with the customer in mind. “I made sure that my standard specifications included what I would what I would want in my home,” said VBS president and owner John Garrett. "A lot of my specifications go beyond what the standards from the manufacturer as well as many exceed applicable building codes."

Highlights of Virginia Building Solutions’ home standard specifications include:

• Conditioned crawlspace with vapor barrier, insulated access door and 2-inch insulated foam board attached to interior foundation wall for continuous seal.

• 2x6 exterior walls, 16 inches on center.

• R-21 exterior wall insulation with vapor barrier.

• R-38 ceiling insulation. (First floor for ranches and Cape Cods, second floor for two-story homes)

• 2x10 floor joists on 16-inch centers standard, engineered joists.

• Owens-Corning architectural shingles.

• Custom built cabinetry with oak or maple five-piece Shaker doors, fronts and overheads in kitchen.

• Soft-close cabinet drawers and doors.

• Cultured marble vanity tops with molded bowl and backsplash.

• 12:2 gauge wiring throughout home.

Not everyone is a building expert so ask questions and consult professionals regarding why some of these specifications may be important. The list above is just a sample of what is included in Virginia Building Solutions’ home standard specifications. To find out more, visit

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