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5 Necessary Spring Cleaning Tips

Clean and inspect your gutters. Cleaning your gutters may not be the most pleasurable chore, but it is important. Spring showers may cause overflowing gutters due to leaf and debris clogs. This, in turn, can cause costly water damage to your home. Also, check for leaks in the gutters and make sure downspouts are directed away from your home's foundation. Examine your roof. While cleaning your gutters, inspect your roof. Your roof is your home’s most essential defense against the elements. Look for signs of cracking in ridge vents and missing or loose shingles. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, hire a roofer to perform an inspection. A tell-tale sign of a problem would be water spots on your ceilings. Check seals around windows and doors. Over time, weather can have an impact on your windows and doors. Existing caulking around these areas can become rigid and crack. By checking these areas, both inside and out, and repairing with new caulk, you can mitigate air and water infiltration, as well as possibly lower your energy consumption. Perform regular maintenance of your home's cooling system. With warmer weather approaching, calling a professional to perform a yearly check of your home's cooling system is a good idea. Doing this will hopefully catch any potential problems that could arise. No one wants to be caught during a hot spell without the relief of air conditioning. Change smoke detector batteries. Not to be taken likely, changing your batteries could save your life. Traditionally people use a memorable date to remind them, such as Daylight Savings Time. If it takes setting a date or reminder in your calendar, make it a priority.

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