The VBS Difference

1 - The Team at Virginia Building Solutions are Custom Builders and Design Specialists, not home dealers.

  • Other companies are often modular 'dealers' and employ sales people and managers who work for a corporate dealership who lack construction and design experience resulting in very high turn over.

2 - Virginia Building Solutions is locally owned and operated by a Class A Builder, John Garrett, who visits every building site before breaking ground and is on site for every home installation.

  • Other 'dealers' do not have a Class A qualified builder on site or present for the most important phase of construction, THE INSTALLATION of the home!  If a dealer/builder cannot produce a Class A license or give the name of the qualified individual on the license, BUYER BEWARE!

3 - Virginia Building Solutions uses full time Carpenters and Framers to install each of their homes while being supervised by the Class A Builder.

  • Other 'dealers' hire subcontractors from out of the area or state who are paid to set it quick and go... often leaving mistakes and factory errors incomplete and unsupervised.

4 - Virginia Building Solutions' staff are highly experienced Construction and Site Management Specialists qualified to plan and bid site work, excavation, erosion and sediment control, Home placement, Utility installation and even landscape design.

  • Other 'dealers' do not have qualified individuals to guide homebuyers through the construction process and will not or cannot manage these aspects of the home build often requiring the homeowner to find their own site contractors.

5 - Virginia Building Solutions Design Staff has over 50 years of combined experience with Custom Kitchen designs and layout.  VBS offers Custom Cabinets and Kitchen designs to every client no matter what size home or kitchen.

  • Other 'dealers' are limited to the design and cabinet offerings from the factory they use to build the home and are unable or unwilling to offer a custom design with limited colors, features and choices.

6 - Virginia Building Solutions only offers true Systems Built OFF Site Constructed homes that meet or exceed local and state building codes and 2009 IRC (International Residential Code).  VBS also provide site built, timber framed, panelized and SIPS (structured insulated panelized structures).  VBS does not offer mobile homes or homes manufactured to the HUD code (for mobile homes and double wide homes).  VBS also does not offer an "on frame" modular home to be consistent with our standard true perimeter foundation policy.